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How insulation heat wrap extends the life of your machinery.




Personnel Safety,a priority using insulation shields.




Cost, energy efficientcy, reusable; the many benefits of insulation wrap.

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Welcome to Cali Thermal Insulation!

Solutions that take the heat!

Heat Shield Insulation will help extend the life of your equipment.

Cali Thermal is a Southern California based company that believes that customers are king. 

We offer a wide range of thermal heat shields and insulation wraps that meet the highest standards.

The benefits are enormous to our customers. Take our insulation wrap, our best cost-effective, energy-efficient, safe, and reusable solution for all thermal purposes. This is what sets us apart. With our expertise of 30 plus years in the insulation industry, we offer superb quality in both customer service and products.

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Cali Thermal Insulation has the best heat protection for your machinery.Heat shields not only control the heat, but also protect against the element’s effects. Whether your machines are outdoors or indoors, heat shields add longevity to your machines and therefore are essential to your business.  


Qualtity is everything. Our heat shield wraps are made of high quality materials. Proudly made in the USA. Our facilities use the latest manufacturing and quality-assurance technologies to ensure perfection in every Cali Thermal Insulation product.  


Cali Thermal Insulation is driven to provide you with the solutions and quality you deserve.Take our 1″ thick blankets, they have shown to reduce the surface temperature of a running machine up to 96% less heat to the touch. We give you results.


We serve many industries and  offer the following:
  • Custom Engineering and Design
  • In House Tooling
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • On-Site Technical Support